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About Us

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Thrifty Brown Bag brings more than two decades of expertise to the art of cherishing the memories created within your home. We take immense pleasure in offering you the finest Estate Sale experience available. Our commitment lies in ensuring that your cherished memories hold not only sentimental value but also the worth they truly deserve.

Meet the Owner

My passion for The Thrifty Brown Bag started as a child. My parents worked in the auto-industry and times were not always good. During the UAW strikes and layoffs, we became very familiar with the thrift store. Mastering my skill is now a way of life for my freedom, my legacy, and my home. I value people over things and just so happen to love what I do…I am created to give the Thrifty Brown Bag Experience.

We are what you prayed for.


Ms. Richelle D. Brown

Founder and Creator of Thrifty Brown Bag, LLC



Trusting God means:

To  love Him means that we  have to love him enough to it is suicide to everything that is not like Him. What God has for you is for you; we have to be careful with the crown. The same Faith I walked into your life, is the same Faith I trust Him now.

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