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Thrifty Brown Bag brings more than two decades of expertise to the art of cherishing the memories created within your home. We take immense pleasure in offering you the finest Estate Sale experience available. Our commitment lies in ensuring that your cherished memories hold not only sentimental value but also the worth they truly deserve.

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About Us

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The Stress-Free Way to Sell Your Estate

My connection to The Thrifty Brown Bag originated in my childhood. Growing up in a family employed in the auto industry, we faced challenging times, especially during UAW strikes and layoffs. It was during those periods that we became frequent visitors to the thrift store. Over the years, mastering the art of thriftiness has become a fundamental part of my lifestyle—representing not just my freedom and legacy but also defining the essence of my home. Prioritizing people over possessions, I have found genuine fulfillment in what I do. My purpose is intricately woven into creating the Thrifty Brown Bag Experience.

Having faith in God involves:

Loving Him wholeheartedly requires us to eliminate anything inconsistent with His nature. What God has destined for you is uniquely yours; exercising caution with the responsibilities that come with it is essential. The unwavering faith that led me into your life is the same faith I place in Him today.

Ms. Richelle D. Brown

Founder and Creator of Thrifty Brown Bag, LLC


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It's through sharing these stories that we connect with others, fostering understanding, empathy, and a sense of community. Each person's story is a testament to their identity, values, and the diverse paths that make up the human experience. Whether expressed through spoken words, written narratives, art, or actions, these stories contribute to the collective narrative of humanity.

Richelle D Brown, Founder of Thrifty Brown Bag

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